1. St. Patrick's Day 2020

    St. Patrick's  Day 2020

    St. Patrick's Day 2020 is fast approaching, here at Party Glitters locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we came up with a few innovative and creative party ideas for celebrants like you. Check it out and have a blast on that special occasion

    If you plan to host a St. Patrick’s Day party to celebrate, make sure you outfit your walls, doors, tables, and ceiling with lots of St. Patrick Day decorations. For all St. Patrick’s Day 2020 party supplies visit our locations in NYC and Long Island.

    Here are a few decorating tips to help make your party space look fun and festive.

    Think Green: The staple color of St. Patrick’s Day is green. Incorporate this color into all aspects of your decorations to transform your party into an Irish celebration. A simple and easy way to do this is to buy green balloons in a few different shades (you can also mix in orange and white). Bundle the balloons together to create bouquets using green ribbon. Place the green balloon bouquets around your party—tie them to chairs, tables, and anything else you can find!

    Shamrock Idea #1: St. Patty’s Day is all about the luck of the Irish. To play off this idea, use shamrock decorations throughout your party space to add an Irish touch. One creative way to do this is to make shamrock coasters. Use green construction paper to cut out shamrocks large enough for a cup to fit on. Once you’ve cut out your shamrocks, laminate them to make them sturdy and waterproof. Place the shamrock coasters on tabletops throughout the party for your guests to use.

    Shamrock Idea #2: Another creative way to tie shamrocks into your decorations is to make shamrock nametags. To do this, cut shamrock shapes out of green construction paper and print the names of your guests on each one. Next, laminate each shamrock to make it durable. Finally, glue a pin on the back of each nametag so your guests can pin it to their shirt to wear during the party. This idea is particular great if you are hosting a large party to make it easier for everyone to learn each other’s names.

    Centerpiece Idea #1: An essential part of any party is the table décor. For St. Patrick’s Day, try to incorporate Irish inspired decorations and centerpieces to keep with the party theme. Incorporate iconic items such as shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold into your table centerpieces. For example, put together a green bouquets of flowers such as green carnations, ferns, and zinnias. Cut out shamrocks and glue them to dowels that you spray-paint green, then stick them into your flower arrangement.

    Centerpiece Idea #2: Another personal touch that you can add to your table is to make your own “pots of gold”. To do this, buy or make black bowls to act as the pots. For the gold, fill your pots with gold chocolate coins. These gold chocolate coins can be found at most party supply stores or grocery store. Encourage your guests to take home any leftover chocolate coins as a party treat at the end of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

    We hope you found our ideas helpful. And don’t forget that for all party supplies, balloons and decorations you can visit any of our locations in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island.

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  2. Valentine’s Day 2020 Party Ideas

    Valentine’s Day 2020 Party Ideas

    Valentine’s Day 2020 is a great ocasion to plan some Valentine's Day fun for your child and friends this holiday. Here at Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we have Valentine's Day party ideas for decorations, food and games to help you host a fun party for your little Valentines!

    A sure-to-please Valentine's Day party is one that mixes cookies and a child's creativity. You will need basic sugar cookies baked in Valentine shapes such as hearts and "Xs" and "Os," pastry bags filled with pink, white, and red icing, sprinkles, colored sugar, and other cookie adornments. Kids will love getting creative and constructive as they strive to create edible works of art. Be sure to take photos as these treats may not last long. You could have prizes for the prettiest, funniest, most colorful, or most classic decorated cookies. The finished creations can be used as gifts for parents, grandparents, or siblings. Provide clear cellophane bags, curling ribbon, and gift tags. Head to Party Glitters locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for chocolate molds and decorations to make your Valentine's Day cookies special.

    Valentine Crafts Party 
    Another fun idea for a Valentine's Day celebration is a craft-making party. The hardest part is deciding what type of crafts you want to make with the children. There are virtually hundreds of crafts to choose from. Consider the age of the children, their ability level, then decide which crafts you want to make. Then, get some supplies, and let the children's imagination run wild. To get you started with a few ideas, think of making a heart wreath, Valentine's Day cards, or tissue paper flowers. At Party Glitters New York locations we have large selection of crafts and party supplies.

    Bake-Your-Own-Treat Party 
    Without a doubt, Valentine's Day is a sweet tooth's holiday. Consider throwing a Valentine party that is centered around children helping you make the sweet treats from start-to-finish. And, an added benefit, you can make treats that are low fat and low in calories—good for the heart, too. Check out these sweet treat ideas, most sweet, a couple savory, that teach a valuable lesson about finding the way to a person's heart. Visit Party Glitters Brooklyn and Queens locations for candies and party favors for your 2019 Valentine's Day party.

    Games for a Valentine's Day Party 
    It's not really a party without games. There are many games with a Valentine's Day twist. They include Catch My Heart, relay races, scavenger hunts, and variations on musical chairs. If you are helping to set up a classroom party or are hosting a party for children at school, the main things you will need to think about are how many children will be there, what are their ages, and how long will the party be? Tailor your party to the children and the time you will have. Enjoy great selection of party games at our Hauppauge location on Long Island.

    We hope you enjoyed our party idea tips. For all your party supplies and decorations please visit our locations in Jackson Heights and Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, East Willamsburg in Brooklyn and Hauppauge on Long Island.

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  3. Valentine's Day 2020 Baking

    Valentine's Day 2020 Baking

    Valentine's Day 2020 is fast approaching. Here at Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, we believe that having deserts are a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day with special people in your life. So, we came up with a list of the best deserts for a great Valentine's Day 2020 party. Don't forget that our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island carry a large variety of baking supplies, chocolate molds and cake toppers to have an amazing Valentine's Day Party.

    Below you’ll find an awesome selection of deserts to celebrate Valentine's Day.

    Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries - An ultra-simple dessert perfect for parties! Our party supply stores carry all necessary supplies for it.

    No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake – This quick and easy black cherry chocolate cheesecake is the ultimate in indulgent desserts. A no-bake pudding that can be made ahead. You can decorate it with our cake toppers available in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island locations.

    Molten Chocolate Lava Cake – Soft moist cake surrounds ooey gooey chocolate in the middle. A dessert that looks so impressive yet only take minutes to make!

    Homemade Peanut Butter Cups – You can buy a boring bag of peanut butter cups from the store or you can make your own peanut butter cups that are absolutely phenomenal!

    Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars – These red velvet sugar cookie bars have crispy edges and buttery soft centers that melt in your mouth. Top with a light cream cheese frosting makes these cookie bars simply irresistible.

    Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies – Super soft chocolate chip cookies are cut into hearts, with half dipped in white chocolate, then topped with sprinkles. A perfect way to say "I love you!"

    Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – Perfect moist Red Velvet Cupcakes with decadent Cream Cheese Frosting made from scratch!

    Red Velvet Sheet Cake – This red velvet sheet cake with cream cheese frosting is a delicious classic. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party, or any time you need a foolproof red velvet sheet cake recipe!

    Strawberries and Cream Pie – Heavenly Strawberries and Cream Pie with fresh strawberries atop a sweet light and fluffy filling! Easy to make, this Strawberry Pie is going to quickly become a family favorite!

    Red Velvet Kiss Cookies – These Red Velvet Kiss Cookies are so easy to make, amazingly delicious, and will become a new favorite. 5 ingredients and 20 minutes and you will be eating a warm cookie!

    Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies – Cake-like red velvet brownies are enhanced with a smooth cream cheese layer on top. Beautiful and delicious!

    No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Jars – A crunchy, creamy make-ahead dessert with lashings of peanut butter cheesecake.

    Strawberry Yogurt Cake – Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake with a Strawberry Cream Cheese glaze, from scratch, is super moist and amazingly delicious!

    Fruit Pizza – This Fruit Pizza Recipe is easy to make, refreshing and delicious, and the crust is made from sugar cookie dough! You are going to love this fruit pizza!

    We hope you enjoyed our list. For all your party supplies, baking needs and chocolate molds please visit our locations in Jackson Heights and Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, East Willamsburg in Brooklyn and Hauppauge on Long Island.

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  4. Super Bowl Party 2020 Ideas

    Super Bowl Party 2020 Ideas

    At Party Glitters we strive to make your Super Bowl 2020 party spectacular. Here are last-minutedo-it-yourself Super Bowl party ideas.

    The chili’s been made, the wings have been ordered, and the beer has been bought. But there are a few do-it-yourself tricks you can still execute to take your Super Bowl game watch from good to great.
    Whether you’re hosting or simply bringing the perfect decorating touch to a friend’s house, these nine DIY Super Bowl party ideas can enhance your living room gathering into something even more fun and creative.

    A small blackboard and some chalk is all you need to let your guests know what game day dishes to expect. Keep things in the football spirit by writing in straightforward print rather than flowery script. And as an added tie-in, you can divide your food into four courses and call them “downs.” You can head to our Brooklyn, Queens and Hauppauge, Long Island locations to find all party supplies such as this chalk board.

    Planning on serving up some guac? A little sour cream can turn your tray of dip into a yard-marked replica field of deliciousness. Learn how to make the pretzel goal posts (and everything else you see above) here. You will find a large selection of tableware and party supplies at our locationS AT Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.


    Fill individual cups with snacks that your fellow game-watchers can snag, grab-and-go style. And when you place a football-themed sticker on each, all your guests will always know which personal snack cup is theirs. You will find large selection of stickers at our Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island locations.


    Although it might take a slight amount of lead time, this might be the handiest DIY trick of them all. From Jen St Clair of Little Sprout Creations, these personalized labels are perfect for keeping track of your drink, cutting down on wasting cups, and adding yet another touch of Big Game flair to your affair.


    You can use the above as inspiration to make your own Super-Bowl-specific game of BINGO. Each box represents something that might happen during the game, like a field goal, a shot from the blimp circling the arena, or one of those Matthew McConaughey car commercials. You could put an M&M on the boxes to keep track of who’s winning, or turn this into a fun drinking game. You can find bingo supplies at our Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island locations.

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  5. New Years 2020 Party Ideas

    New Years 2020 Party Ideas

    New Year's 2020 is fast approaching. Here at Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens and Hauppauge, Long Island, we have a large selection of party supplies to make your New Year's2020 Party an unforgeable experience. Here are a few party ideas for 2020 New Year’s Celebration.

    Country Karaoke

    The Party: Not everyone is a great singer but belting out your favorite tunes always makes for a good time. Get a little friendly competition going by handing out awards for Best Duet, Most Passionate Ballad, Best Spot-On Impersonation, and so forth.

    Decorations: Set the mood with a gingham tablecloth and use cotton napkins to line wicker baskets for serving chips or peanuts. Top it off with a lovely floral centerpiece arrangement. At our locations in Brooklyn and Queens you will find all these and many more party supplies.

     Poker Night

    The Party: Gamble the night away without forfeiting tons of your hard-earned cash. If you win the jackpot, you're guaranteed bragging rights until the next New Year's Eve party.

    Decorations: Create a faux poker table by laying down green felt onto any flat surface. If your game is Texas Hold'em don't forget to hang up the Lone Star state's flag. At our location in Hauppauge Long Island you will find these and all other party supplies.

    The Roaring 20’s

    The Party: The Roaring 20's was a glamorous decade that's fun to re-live, especially when you revive Prohibition for the night. Turn up the jazz and dance to the Charleston!

    Decorations: Show off your Art Deco pieces and incorporate feather accessories. They'll help you transform your place into an old-fashioned Speakeasy. Don't forget to make guests whisper a secret password to gain entry! For all necessary party supplies head to our NYC and Suffolk locations.

    Western Murder Mystery

    The Party: Treat your friends and family to a suspenseful evening in western settings. 

    Decorations: Give your home a rustic setting for the evening with faux trophy heads, wood furniture and lighting the fireplace.

    We hope that you will find these few ideas helpful. Head for Party Glitters locations for all your party needs.

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  6. Christmas Party 2019 Ideas

    Christmas Party 2019 Ideas

    Christams party season is a GO. Here at Party Glitters at our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we have a large selection of party supplies to make your Christmas 2019 party truly great. Before you put out a standard store-bought cookie platter and turn on the Christmas music, consider these totally fun party themes. We guarantee you'll get an RSVP from everyone on your guest list. 
    1 Ugly Sweater Party. Classic, but still deserves a mention. You already know what you'll be wearing, so now you can focusing on baking insanely cute ugly sweater cake. Check out our stores in Queens for all your baking and cooking party supplies.
    2 Cookie-Making Party. Christmas baking is just better with your friends. At the end of the party, send everyone home with their freshly baked goodies in festive boxes.
    3. Mad for Plaid Party. Plaid all day, every day. Breakout your fave flannel shirt, dress up your table in plaid linens, and make this insanely delicious liquid flannel cocktail. Head to our Brooklyn stores for a large selection of plaid Christmas tableware.
    4 Gingerbread House-Making Party. Set up stations with various different toppings and frostings in red or green bowls and watch the Pinterest fails commence.
    5.Candyland. Start with only red and white decor, add a killer dessert buffet with everyones favorite Christmas sweets, then sneak in candy canes anywhere and everywhere (like as stirrers in milk jars!). Head to our location in Hauppauge for a large selection of candies and chocolates.

    We hope that these few ideas will help in your Christmas preparation. For all these holiday party supplies and decorations visit our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk counties.

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  7. Boys Halloween Costumes Ideas 2019

    Boys Halloween Costumes Ideas 2019

    Halloween 2019 is fast approaching and at Party Glitters locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we have large selection of boys Halloween costumes. But which ones are trendy and popular? Well, we have compiled a list of the most popular and fun costume trends of 2019.

    1. Obi Wan Kenobi. You won't need to use the force to put his favorite Jedi's signature brown robe together. And head to our locations in East Williamsburg, Corona or Jackson Heights for a lightsaber and other Star Wars supplies.
    2. Sherlock Holmes. If he called you out for sneaking just one piece of his Halloween candy stash last year, this detective costume will be right up his alley.
    3. Captain Jack Sparrow. Everyone's favorite funny and quirky pirate.
    4. Peter Pan. Classic Disney character, a quintessential boy costume.
    5. Doctor. This costume comes with plenty of go-to doctor tools — including a mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope and syringe — so he can try his potential future vocation on for size.

    We hope you will find these list useful in making a Halloween costume decision for your son. For all party supllies visit our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

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  8. Women and Girls Halloween Costume Ideas 2019

    Women and Girls Halloween Costume Ideas 2019

    Halloween 2019 is fast approaching and here at Party Glitters locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we have come up with the top 5 women and girls Halloween costume ideas for 2019.

    1. Characters from Marvel’s Black Panther. Visit our stores in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for supplies and costumes.
    2. Princess Moana, channel your inner Moana with a red tube top, grass skirt, and some funky turquoise jewelry.
    3. Emperor Kuzco, Emperor's New Groove is one of the greatest animated movies of all time, and Emperor Kuzco is a costume everyone will recognize. Get a drapey red dress, blue dangling earrings, and get crafty with some yellow construction paper for Kuzco's gold trim and crown.
    4. Edna Mode, fashion designer Edna is the most underrated character in The Incredibles, and dressing up in her trademark A-line black dress, giant specks, and severe bob cut will give you a costume that definitely won't be unappreciated.
    5. Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy member Gamora makes for a surprisingly nice costume — just dress in a tight black outfit, paint your face green, and complete the look with a purple wig (or purple hair dye, if you're really committed).
    We hope you will find these women and girls Halloween costume ideas helpful. For all Halloween 2018 party supplies head to our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

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  9. Back to School 2019

    Back to School 2019

    Make your classroom cozy for Fall 2019!
    Visit Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island to greatest selection of classroom party favors and supplies.
    The purpose of decorating a classroom is to create a functional space for learning. 
    However, there are tips and tricks for arranging your space in a way that creates a comfortable, relaxed, and attractive environment.
    Putting bulletin board borders around the windows makes them seem larger and makes the room very inviting.
    Plants are one of the cheapest ways to brighten up your classroom and make it feel more home-y!
    Also, area rugs are a cheap and easy way to make a classroom feel like a home.
    For all other classroom supplies head to Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island for a greatest selection of classroom party favors and supplies.

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  10. Wedding Balloons Ideas 2019

    Wedding Balloons Ideas 2019

    Here at Party Glitters in Suffolk County we have a few tips on how to decorate your wedding.
    Balloons are a festive and affordable way to decorate your wedding reception. Although you may not think of balloons as sophisticated décor, they can be made into stunning displays for modern wedding receptions.

    Wedding Balloon Arches
    Guests can enter the reception site through a simple wedding arch made with balloons. Arches can also frame cake and dessert tables as well as the head table.
    For couples who want a traditional arch, you can also dress it up a little. Consider having the arch reflect your overriding theme, like a rainbow colored arch or grapevine and ivy crawling up an arch. Add large floral arrangements to the end of each side of the arch. This adds a touch of elegance to the arch. You can also have large balloons displays along the reception entrance aisle.

    Head Table Arch
    The head table can be highlighted with a balloon arch. Have one made in your wedding colors and added as a backdrop over the bridal party. Add hanging balloons to help create the scene and large pedestal arrangements at each end.

    Table Decorating With Balloons
    Balloons add interest and appeal for table decorations.

    Incorporate balloons into your reception centerpiece. The height adds visual interest, drawing the eye upwards, and you make the most out of reception spaces with high ceilings.

    Head Table Backdrop
    The head table is often a focal point for the reception. Make it one to remember by creating swags behind the table and along the front of the table. Large shapes like double hearts can be hung behind the couple. Add large balloon trees, topiaries or columns to the ends of the head table. Lights strung near or with the balloons can look stunning in soft lighting.

    Cake Table
    Create a unique cake table look by doing it with balloons. Small Mylar or latex balloons can be fashioned into a cake topper. Set up bride and groom figures made with balloons next to the cake. Hang a balloon swag made of an accent color on top of a tablecloth in the main wedding color.

    Balloon Ceiling Decorations
    Balloons are often hung from the ceiling at wedding receptions. This utilizes a large space and helps fully decorate the area.

    Above the Bridal Party and Guests
    Put colorful balloons above the bridal party or space them across the entire reception areas. Balloons can be filled with helium and allowed to float as they cover the space or you can create clusters.

    Balloon Drop Over Dance Floor
    Hang balloons above the dance floor using netting. At a designated time, have them "popped" or released and they will fall down upon guests. This is a fun twist to your reception decorations.

    Additional Balloon Decoration Ideas
    Plenty of spaces in the reception area can be accented with balloon decorations. Don't feel like you're limited to the entrance, ceiling, and tables.

    Wall Display
    A wall display creates a nice backdrop for photos and is an interesting alternative to traditional fabric backdrops. Hang up words and phrases like "I Do", "Mr. & Mrs.", or even your initials in a monogram formation. Use your colors and theme to tie the design into your wedding.

    We hope that you will find this tips helpful. For all your balloons and party supply needs head to our stores in Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk County, Long Island.

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