1. Balloons Queens – Kelly’s Story

    Balloons Queens.  Kelly from Queens has a big party coming up for her daughter Jordan.  With Kelly working so much, she’s had to wait until the last minute to get all the supplies she’ll need.  Thankfully Kelly knows about Party Glitters in Queens.  You see, Kelly was able to stop in fast and pick up everything for the party.

    Party Glitters has everything for birthday party for kids and adults.  And best of all, while Kelly was there – she found the perfect balloons to go with the décor.  But Kelly can’t bring back balloons now, the party isn’t until tomorrow!?  No problem!  Kelly placed her balloon order at Party Glitters in Queens – and she can rest assured knowing the balloons will be ready first thing in the morning on the day of the party!

    Just wait until Jordan sees just what mom has put together!  Jordan’s favorite thing in the world is animals.  Kelly went to Party Glitters in Queens and found the perfect theme – ZOO!  It’s filled with monkeys, lions, giraffes and all of Jordan’s favorites!  And because Party Glitters knows what parties need – there’s animals on the plates, the napkins, the cups, even the tablecloths are filled with animals!  Everything from the sign out in front of the house – to the party hats on all the guests are filled with the animals Jordan loves!  And best of all – Kelly found balloons at Party Glitters to match that theme.  Now the party is complete – thanks to Party Glitters in Queens NY!  Kelly gets all the credit – but we’re okay with that :-)

    If you’re in Queens and need Balloons, head to Party Glitters!  We make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need to throw the perfect party – every time!  From balloons to decorations, greeting cards and tableware…we’ve got it all!  Party Glitters – your party starts with us!

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  2. Balloons Brooklyn – Brooklyn Loves Balloons!

    Balloons Brooklyn – Brooklyn wants balloons – we’ve got em!  OK Brooklyn you asked for it so we’re bringing down the house and filling our store with more balloons than Brooklyn can handle!  Head to Party Glitters right now for the perfect balloons for your perfect occasion.  Everything from Newborn baby to 100th birthday and everything in between!

    Want Disney balloons the kids will go crazy for?  We’ve got that!

    Looking for theme balloons for your shindig?  We’ve got that too!

    Need custom balloons that say just what you want?  Yep…got that!

    Brooklyn’s best place for balloons is at Party Glitters.

    We literally meet thousands of people a year from all walks of life right in our Brooklyn location.  Every day someone new comes in with a balloon request that we fill.  And every day hundreds walk out smiling!

    And to top it off…our balloons are lower priced – so Brooklyn, why head anywhere else?  And while you’re here – fun just what your party needs with over 100,000 items on display…and a staff of party professionals that can help you find just what you’re looking for.

    So Brooklyn – don’t forget to head to Party Glitters for Balloons and party supplies for EVERY occasion.  Remember…your party – start’s with US!

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  3. Party Store Brooklyn – 80’s PARTY – Brooklyn, Queens, Hauppauge Balloons, Plates, etc.

    So you’re considering an 80’s themed party?  What sorts of things should be on your shopping list and where can you find them?  Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens and Hauppauge have just what you need.

    Long Island knows that balloons make the party.  From Nassau to Suffolk, Brooklyn to Queens – Party Glitters is your balloon headquarters.  We have balloons in every style to work with every budget and theme, and an 80’s party is no different!

    The 80’s color palette was woven with contracting sharp highlighter colors.  Try shocking colors like lime green and hot pink, a throwback to the culture of the 80’s.   Throw in a glam rock inflatable guitar and microphone and you’re certainly on your way into the time machine.

    Party Glitters has way more than balloons.  We’ve got matching plates, napkins, cups and cutlery in assorted colors – including those ones we remember from the eighties, and they’re a perfect compliment to our shocking colored balloons.

    We’ve seen 80’s parties on the rise in Brooklyn, Queens and Hauppauge.  As the generation grows up, the need to return to the fun of our youth becomes apparent…and at Party Glitters – we’re all about FUN!

    But don’t just stop at balloons and tableware – we’ve even got 80’s dance cds on sale that will make you want to bring out your acid washed jean jacket.  Throw in some neon glow necklaces and it’s time to party like its…1985!

    Try serving fun foods at your party that bring you back to the 80s.  Fruit rolls ups, Rice Krispies treats, and Gummy Bears are a good start.

    We all have our own memories of the 80’s.  At Party Glitters – whatever your memory – we can bring the fun.  From Queens to Brooklyn to Hauppauge Long Island – Party Glitters has balloons and party supplies to make it happen.  So head to Party Glitters.  Your Party, starts with us!

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