1. Bar Mitzvah 2016 Party Ideas

    Bar Mitzvah 2016 Party Ideas

    The all-about-me theme

    A typical kid wants to express himself with his bar mitzvah party. He wants to stand out and make an impression. Take personalization to a new level. This means that every aspect of the party reflects the kid-of-honor’s interests and personality, which typically includes plastering his face on everything it can be printed upon. Head to Party Glitters for photo favors and party themes in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

    The blockbuster theme

    The hottest movies of the year tend to make popular bar mitzvah themes. Visit Party Glitters for latest blockbuster themes like Angry Birds, Captan America and other Marvel Comics.To get in on the fun, think of centering your parties around epic films.

    For more bar mitzvah ideas visit Party Glitters in Suffolk county for great selection of party supplies. 

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  2. Bat Mitzvah 2016 Party Ideas

    Bat Mitzvah 2016 Party Ideas

    The destination theme

    Want to make your guests feel like they were actually transported to another time or place? A huge party trend is renting a venue that reflects your theme.

    A destination party is great way to blow your party out of the water. If your child wants a tropical-themed bat mitzvah party, take them and their closest friends on a tropical adventure to Honolulu or on a cruise to the Bahamas. This is a unique — and potentially cheaper — way to give your child the party of her dreams. Do not forget to visit Party Glitters in Brooklyn and Queens for all the necessary bat mitzvah party supplies.

    The rustic theme

    Does you daughter want a cool, modern looking bat mitzvah? Try a dash of feminine, rustic chic.

    A great way to create this look is to decorate your daughter’s party with candles, vintage pictures, white wood, and country furniture.

    Party Glitters party supply store will help make your daughter's bat mitzvah party in New York a trully unforgetable experience.

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  3. Sweet 16 Chair Rental

    Sweet 16 Chair Rental

    Make your child's Sweet 16 party an unforgetable experience with Party Glitters. 
    One of the most popular party. It is the most popular for a reason. Think about your school dances, many schools only have two per year of which you may only be allowed to attend one! But everywhere you look you see other people having dances on TV or in movies. Dances allow you to throw your own party just like an adult where you can have a blast with all of your closest friends. One of the most popular attribute of any Sweet 16 Party is a special chair for your child. 
    We offer Sweet 16 Party chair rentals in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.
    Come to Party Glitters in New York for amazing variety of Sweet 16 Party Chairs.

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  4. Baby Shower 2016 Chair Rental

    Baby Shower 2016 Chair Rental

    Worry less about entertainment, and think of the food as the main event. Cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches aren't going to cut it at this shower. The food should be hearty and appeal to the masses. Everyone loves a barbecue, and it often requires less planning than traditional showers. The guys can gather around the grill while the girls catch up with one another. A Mexican fiesta is also a hit-especially if you include a fully stocked make-you-own taco bar. If you are having the event catered, consider soul food or Caribbean fare. And make sure that you have more than enough food on hand-those guys have a big appetite! Chocolate makes a great desert, come to Party Glitters for chocolate molds and other baking supplies.

    Popular item for baby shower is party chair. Visit Party Glitters for baby shower chair rental in New York, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island.


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  5. Mother's Day Party 2016 Balloons and Favors

    Mother's Day Party 2016 Balloons and Favors

    Scrapbooking Party

    Throw a scrapbooking party for moms and their children. You provide paper, stickers, punches and embellishments, or ask everyone to bring some to share. Have Mom bring an empty scrapbook, and ask the kids to raid photo boxes before the party and bring their favorite finds. Serve up snack foods and punch while everyone gets to work assembling their scrapbooks. Everyone will have fun visiting and sharing ideas, and Mom will love reliving treasured memories with her children. As an added bonus, she'll live with a memento of a day she'll treasure forever. Head to Party Glitters on Long Island for largest collection of personalized napkins and ribbons.

    Tea Party

    Try something different this year and host a mother-daughter tea party. Enclose your favorite tea bag in the invitation for a special touch. Take a trip back to your childhood by asking everyone to dress up for the occasion -- hats and gloves preferred. Serve up a delicious selection of cookies, cakes and pies to sample with the tea. This type of affair needs no main course, but light sandwiches are perfect if you want to serve more than just sweets. Offer up a variety of teas, as well as sugar, honey, milk and cream. Transform your dining room into a tea room with lace, doilies and flowers, or take the party out to the garden. Serve your tea and baked goods on vintage cups and saucers. Everyone will enjoy being super girly for the day, and Mom will enjoy special time with her favorite girls. Check out Party Glitters in Brooklyn and Queens for largest balloon selection.

    Garden Party

    Decorate the center of the table using plants and herbs in pretty pots or vases. The flowers and herbs that work the best are Lily of the Valley, Rosemary, Pansies, Mint, African Violets, and Sage. The table cloth can be an old quilt that will soften the overall setting. Also, choose a variety of mix-matched glassware and table wear, which will give the overall look a stylized, yet organic, feel. If you servce muffins, scones, and tasty breads and jams, you will create an atmosphere that mom will never forget. Visit Party Glitters in Suffolk county for great selection of party balloons. 

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  6. Mother's Day 2016 Party Decorations

    Mother's Day 2016 Party Decorations

    A theme is one of the prime requirements for any party. A good theme ensures that the decorations are done accordingly and makes the party more exciting. An appropriate theme for a Mother's Day bash is one that takes care of the age and tastes of your mom as well as the invitees. Go for popular themes like the 60's Theme where the decoration, music and even the attires of the guests must resemble the style of the 1960s. Or you can opt for the white dress party theme where white is supposed to be the dominant color of the party zone, right from the decorations to the dresses of the celebrants - everyone should come dressed entirely in white. Or you can request the invitees to come dressed in clothes of their favorite color or better, a color of your momma's choice. For all party supplies and decorations visit Party Glitters party supply store in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island.

    Decoration plays a prominent part in setting the right mood of the party. A proper decoration is a reflection of the taste of the host and can make a memorable party. Flowers form a safe decoration item and add loads of beauty to your party venue. Greeting cards, festive banners, balloons and even homemade crafts can make the ambience more colorful. Check out Party Glitters party supply store on Long Island.

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  7. Mother's Day 2016 Party Baking and Cooking

    Mother's Day 2016 Party Baking and Cooking

    Visit Party Glitters locations in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for baking molds and cooking supplies for Mother's Day party.

    A party menu is something that everyone looks forward to and make sure that yours does not fall short of expectations.

    Ensure that you have provisions for non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes, if there are vegetarians on your guest list.

    A Mother's Day cake is an absolute must. That apart, you can arrange for chicken and lamb preparations, pies and barbecues to spice things up.

    Arrange for two or three kinds of drinks. You can either cook these up at home with your dad and siblings or get these from a good restaurant.

    For deserts consider lollipop chocolate molds from Party Glitters located in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

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  8. Mother's Day 2016 Party Ideas

    Mother's Day 2016 Party Ideas

    Here are a few tips and suggestions to make 2016 Mother's Day in New York, Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island the best party ever.

    Mother's Day is the time to make mom feel special and let her be on top of the world. It is also a day to be close to mom and have some fun together.

    Throwing a party lets you do all these, and with absolute ease! But it needs some careful planning and preparation to organize a successful bash. Head to Party Glitters in New York City for best deals on Mother's Day party supplies and decorations.

    If you plan to throw a surprise bash, draw up a list of some of your mom's close friends and relatives and send them invites before the big day. You can get some colorful cards printed or create some of your own. A handwritten letters, composed in the right way, can make good invitations.

    Don't forget to check Party Glitters on Long Island for best deals on Mother's Day invitations.

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