1. Graduation 2016 Party Ideas

    Graduation 2016 Party Ideas

    Here are a few tips and suggestions to give your upcoming high school or college graduate in New York, Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island the best party ever.


    Whether it's a small get-together or a large bash, its success is in the planning. How much input should your teen have on their graduation party? A simple way to figure that out would be to ask your teen. Some want to help, and control the direction of their party. Some graduates don't want to be bothered with all of the decisions and details. Your teen will let you know.

    Budget and Coordination

    This can be harder than you think and should coordinate so that most people you invite can attend. Write down a few options or ideas and start calling those you would like to see come. Narrow down your choices until you have a date that suits the majority of guests. Begin by deciding how much you can spend and then comparison shop for things you would like to have or do. Don’t forget to check Party Glitters in New York City for best deals on graduation party supplies and decorations.

    Location and Guests

    If you are going to use a hall, park or restaurant, you’ll need to begin planning this while you're picking a date. If you are going to use your home, jot down things you will need to rent like a tent or coffee machine. The size of your event will help with this. Your graduate will need to sit down with you and make a list of friends.


    While the overall theme will be the graduation, you’ll need more than that to pull your party together. A theme for the party can be as simple as the school colors or as detailed as the graduate's college major. Choosing a theme will help you purchase supplies and decide on menus. Visit Party Glitters locations in Suffolk for the latest suggestions on graduation party supplies, decorations and balloons. 

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  2. Graduation Party 2016 Personalized Favors

    Graduation Party 2016 Personalized Favors

    Here some of the personalized party supplies ideas for New York City, Brooklyn, Queens Suffolk, Nassau and Long Island graduation party.

    One of the popular personalization idea are napkins for graduation party. 

    Some other ideas are personalized tins with Graduation, school or graduate interests designs and mints inside.

    Personalized ribbon is another way to make a unique decoration.

    Have the ribbon printed with the graduate name and date of the event and tie it around the table decorations for a special touch.

    Don't forget to visit our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for all personalized items. Enjoy your party!

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  3. Graduation Party 2016 Decorations

    Graduation Party 2016 Decorations

    Paper products, decorations and invitations, are just a few of the things you’ll need for the party. Be sure to price out these things and write them down on your budget. Visit Party Glitters party supply store for the latest graduation party 2016 supplies in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island.

    While the overall party theme is ‘graduation’, you will need more than that to pull the party’s focus together. Graduation party themes do not need to be elaborate, a simple addition here and there will help the party come together. Here are four theme ideas you can use to theme your student’s graduation party:

    School Spirit Graduation Party Theme

    This is an easy one, just go with the school colors. Steamers, paper products, gelatin and balloons come in all kinds of colors. Use them to decorate and for food choices.

    Sports Graduation Party Theme

    Is your teen an athlete? If so, use this to decorate for your teen’s party. Place a scrapbook out of your teen playing the sport with awards displayed too. While the cake should still say, “Congrats Grad!”, you could have it themed towards the sport. Decorate the main party room with goal posts or pom-poms. Using school colors would also add just the right touch.

    This Is Your Life Graduation Party Theme

    Show him/her off by displaying photo albums and decorating in his/her favorite colors. Do a ‘peek into the future’ banner with your graduate’s future plans.

    A Major Graduation Party Theme

    This works well with college graduation. Decorate and use the students major as the party theme. Again, you can use school colors for the paper products and food choices.

    For party supplies and decorations for you graduation party visit Party Glitters in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island.  

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  4. Graduation 2016 Party Baking and Cooking

    Graduation 2016 Party Baking and Cooking

    Food is a big part of graduation party. Will you be having a caterer make the food or will you be doing it yourself? Either way, you’ll need to decide if you are serving a meal or just finger foods. Graduation party recipes can be any type of party recipes depending on the type of party you are planning. Favorite foods for formal dinners will be different than picnic favorites. Try to incorporate some school and your teen’s interests when cooking and baking for your graduate party. Head to Party Glitters locations in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for baking molds and cooking supplies for graduation party. Please find some popular recipes below:

    Smiling Grad Cupcakes

    These fun easy cupcakes that can double as a center piece for a graduation party. Try the caramel icing for these! When thinking out a graduation party recipe like this one visit Party Glitters party supply store first for the largest selection of cupcake toppers in New York, Brooklyn and Queens. Then have your teen give you a favorite flavor of cupcake to make and decorate.

    Graduation Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe

    There are many different types of graduation molds you can choose to use for your teen's graduation party foods. Visit Party Glitters party supply store for the largest selection of graduation party molds in Long Island.

    School Colors Chocolate Pretzel Wands

    These school colors pretzel wands are as much fun to make as they are to eat. They make a wonderful graduation party favor when wrapped in cellophane and decorated with curling ribbon. The recipe is fairly simple if you buy melt and pour chocolate wafers for the microwave. Be picky about the type of pretzels you buy, generics tend to break more often.

    Graduation Diploma Wrap Recipe

    This easy graduation recipe is great for lunches, brunches, picnics or as an appetizer if you make it smaller. Using trimmed edges and a little food coloring and we came up with these fun wraps. They are very versatile and you can use any sandwich wrap fixings.

    Graduation Party Recipes: Cap and Diploma Chocolate Mints

    Easy chocolate graduation mint party recipe to make for favors or as an after dinner mint. Stop by Party Glitters for the largest selection of graduation party chocolate mints.

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