1. Wedding Balloons Ideas 2019

    Wedding Balloons Ideas 2019

    Here at Party Glitters in Suffolk County we have a few tips on how to decorate your wedding.
    Balloons are a festive and affordable way to decorate your wedding reception. Although you may not think of balloons as sophisticated décor, they can be made into stunning displays for modern wedding receptions.

    Wedding Balloon Arches
    Guests can enter the reception site through a simple wedding arch made with balloons. Arches can also frame cake and dessert tables as well as the head table.
    For couples who want a traditional arch, you can also dress it up a little. Consider having the arch reflect your overriding theme, like a rainbow colored arch or grapevine and ivy crawling up an arch. Add large floral arrangements to the end of each side of the arch. This adds a touch of elegance to the arch. You can also have large balloons displays along the reception entrance aisle.

    Head Table Arch
    The head table can be highlighted with a balloon arch. Have one made in your wedding colors and added as a backdrop over the bridal party. Add hanging balloons to help create the scene and large pedestal arrangements at each end.

    Table Decorating With Balloons
    Balloons add interest and appeal for table decorations.

    Incorporate balloons into your reception centerpiece. The height adds visual interest, drawing the eye upwards, and you make the most out of reception spaces with high ceilings.

    Head Table Backdrop
    The head table is often a focal point for the reception. Make it one to remember by creating swags behind the table and along the front of the table. Large shapes like double hearts can be hung behind the couple. Add large balloon trees, topiaries or columns to the ends of the head table. Lights strung near or with the balloons can look stunning in soft lighting.

    Cake Table
    Create a unique cake table look by doing it with balloons. Small Mylar or latex balloons can be fashioned into a cake topper. Set up bride and groom figures made with balloons next to the cake. Hang a balloon swag made of an accent color on top of a tablecloth in the main wedding color.

    Balloon Ceiling Decorations
    Balloons are often hung from the ceiling at wedding receptions. This utilizes a large space and helps fully decorate the area.

    Above the Bridal Party and Guests
    Put colorful balloons above the bridal party or space them across the entire reception areas. Balloons can be filled with helium and allowed to float as they cover the space or you can create clusters.

    Balloon Drop Over Dance Floor
    Hang balloons above the dance floor using netting. At a designated time, have them "popped" or released and they will fall down upon guests. This is a fun twist to your reception decorations.

    Additional Balloon Decoration Ideas
    Plenty of spaces in the reception area can be accented with balloon decorations. Don't feel like you're limited to the entrance, ceiling, and tables.

    Wall Display
    A wall display creates a nice backdrop for photos and is an interesting alternative to traditional fabric backdrops. Hang up words and phrases like "I Do", "Mr. & Mrs.", or even your initials in a monogram formation. Use your colors and theme to tie the design into your wedding.

    We hope that you will find this tips helpful. For all your balloons and party supply needs head to our stores in Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk County, Long Island.

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  2. Wedding Balloons Ideas

    Wedding Balloons Ideas

    Ballons are an integral part of any party. We associate balloons with happy and fun events. And, they are a natural fit for a wedding party and celebration. At Party Glitters located in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island we have a vast selection of party balloons at affordable prices.

    We always reccomend our clients to call ahead for a large order. Depending on the type of the balloon, you should not have them inflated until 24 to 48 hours prior to your wedding. You don’t want to risk any of them deflating or getting punctured and popping. For that reason alone, it would be wise to order some extra in case of an incident.

    Here are a few tips on how to decorate your wedding with balloon.

    Although some may not associate balloons with exchanging wedding vows, you can add this simple touch of fun while still keeping it classy and appropriate. Stick to one color, either a color from your wedding palette, or you can’t go wrong with all white or ivory balloons. 
    Balloon wedding ceremony decor idea

    You can give ballons to a flower girl or a ring bearer to carry down the aisle. The balloon also is bound to keep the little ones occupied and happy throughout the ceremony and remainder of the day.

    Instead of the typical rose petals or confetti that guests throw when the newlyweds walk out of the ceremony, hand out balloons instead. This also would be a fun way to keep everybody together if the plan is to walk from the ceremony to the reception site.

    Show off your wedding color palette with coordinating and contrasting colored balloons for your bridal party to hold, or stick to one color for a sophisticated and trendy monochromatic look. Consider special balloons specifically for the bride and groom that coordinate with traditional wedding décor, such as bells. Head to our store in Hauppauge in Smithtown area of Suffolk county, Long Island for all your wedding balloons ideas.

    Everybody loves a photo booth, and it’s now easier than ever to create your own. Gather inspiration from this party that secured balloons to the ground at varying heights to create a balloon back drop, or from this get-together that simply taped balloons all over a wall.

    Use letter or number-shaped balloons to spell out special sentiments at your ceremony and reception.

    Welcome guests to what is sure to be an unforgettable reception by tying their escort card to the bottom of a balloon. Not only will guests have fun finding their personal balloon, the balloons also will instantly create reception décor by guests tying it to the back of their chair or letting it hang in the air above the table.

    Giant numbered balloons are sure to make an impact when guests walk into the reception to find their table. This is an easy way to incorporate your engagement pictures and provide a table number above each table for guests to easily find. Your reception is sure to look beautiful. At our Brooklyn and Queens stores you will find a large selection of numbered baloons in a variety of colors.

    A unique twist on the traditional cake topper, a single balloon or a bunch will bring a unique touch to your wedding cake, and it also will draw attention to it while it’s on display at the reception.

    Far from cheesy, balloons will make for a memorable getaway for the bride and groom. Whether you choose to stick to one color or a variety of colors for more vibrant photos, balloons will send the newlyweds off in a fun way to their next adventure.

    We hope that these few tips will make your wedding party truly unforgetable. For all your party suplly needs head to Party Glitters stores in New York City and Long Island.

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  3. Luau 2016 Party Balloons

    Luau 2016 Party Balloons

    Once the festivities come to an end, be sure to thank your guests for coming by sending them off with tropical party favors! From generic summer party surprises to ones that are more specifically hula and luauthemed, there are a variety of fun party items to choose from when picking items for your goodie bags.

    • Inflatable Beach Balls
    • Squirt Guns
    • Lei Bracelets
    • Decks of Cards
    • Tiki Cups
    • Flamingo or Flip Flop Shaped Straws
    • Flip Flop Shaped Candy
    • Bright Pencil Cases and Notepads
    • Lei Necklaces
    • Sunglasses
    • Hula Skirts

    Alternatively, consider choosing complete favor sets or personalized products such as zipper pulls,lollipops, and stickers for filling up loot bags.

    Visit Party Glitters in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island for largest selection of party balloons.

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  4. Sweet 16 Chair Rental

    Sweet 16 Chair Rental

    Make your child's Sweet 16 party an unforgetable experience with Party Glitters. 
    One of the most popular party. It is the most popular for a reason. Think about your school dances, many schools only have two per year of which you may only be allowed to attend one! But everywhere you look you see other people having dances on TV or in movies. Dances allow you to throw your own party just like an adult where you can have a blast with all of your closest friends. One of the most popular attribute of any Sweet 16 Party is a special chair for your child. 
    We offer Sweet 16 Party chair rentals in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.
    Come to Party Glitters in New York for amazing variety of Sweet 16 Party Chairs.

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  5. Mother's Day Party 2016 Balloons and Favors

    Mother's Day Party 2016 Balloons and Favors

    Scrapbooking Party

    Throw a scrapbooking party for moms and their children. You provide paper, stickers, punches and embellishments, or ask everyone to bring some to share. Have Mom bring an empty scrapbook, and ask the kids to raid photo boxes before the party and bring their favorite finds. Serve up snack foods and punch while everyone gets to work assembling their scrapbooks. Everyone will have fun visiting and sharing ideas, and Mom will love reliving treasured memories with her children. As an added bonus, she'll live with a memento of a day she'll treasure forever. Head to Party Glitters on Long Island for largest collection of personalized napkins and ribbons.

    Tea Party

    Try something different this year and host a mother-daughter tea party. Enclose your favorite tea bag in the invitation for a special touch. Take a trip back to your childhood by asking everyone to dress up for the occasion -- hats and gloves preferred. Serve up a delicious selection of cookies, cakes and pies to sample with the tea. This type of affair needs no main course, but light sandwiches are perfect if you want to serve more than just sweets. Offer up a variety of teas, as well as sugar, honey, milk and cream. Transform your dining room into a tea room with lace, doilies and flowers, or take the party out to the garden. Serve your tea and baked goods on vintage cups and saucers. Everyone will enjoy being super girly for the day, and Mom will enjoy special time with her favorite girls. Check out Party Glitters in Brooklyn and Queens for largest balloon selection.

    Garden Party

    Decorate the center of the table using plants and herbs in pretty pots or vases. The flowers and herbs that work the best are Lily of the Valley, Rosemary, Pansies, Mint, African Violets, and Sage. The table cloth can be an old quilt that will soften the overall setting. Also, choose a variety of mix-matched glassware and table wear, which will give the overall look a stylized, yet organic, feel. If you servce muffins, scones, and tasty breads and jams, you will create an atmosphere that mom will never forget. Visit Party Glitters in Suffolk county for great selection of party balloons. 

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  6. Communion 2016 Party Supplies

    Communion 2016 Party Supplies

    Here some of the personalized party supplies ideas for Suffolk, Nassau and Long Island.

    One of the popular personalization idea are napkins for Communion. 

    Some other ideas are personalized tins with Communion designs and mints inside.

    These Communion souvenirs are very usable but still remind your guests of the special day. Cookies in the shape of a cross, chalice or an angel are also good ideas for party favors for Communion parties.

    Personalized ribbon is another way to make a unique decoration.

    Have the ribbon printed with the childs name and date of the event and tie it around the table decorations for a special touch.

    Don't forget to visit our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island for all personalized items. Enjoy your party!

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  7. Valentine's Day 2016 Balloons

    Valentine's Day 2016 Balloons

    On Valentine's Day, men and women around the world celebrate those closest to them with gifts designed in the form of traditional hearts. 

    Although the heart is a tradional symbol of Valentin'es Day nobody is really sure how it took on its current meaning.

    Ancient Egyptians, for instance, believed that the heart epitomized life and morality. The Greeks held that it controlled reason, thought and emotion. It's possible that the Greek association of ivy with the god Dionysus led to the heart being identified with romantic love. 

    It was around the Middle Ages that the heart symbol took on its current meaning. When Valentine's Day originated in England in the 1600s, the heart symbol was the obvious choice for symbol to reflect the new holiday.

    One of the most popular ballons for Valentin's Day include heart shaped balloons, red and pink Mylar balloons, as well as latex balloons of all shapes and colors.

    Balloons are always a great gift for your child or significant other as well as a great party decoration.

    Whether you are looking for some simple balloons for your Valentine's Day 2016 Party or a way to impress your valentine look no further than our party supply store.

    We feature one of the largest selection of balloons for Valentine's Day 2016 at our locations in New York, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island.

    Every one of our stores also features a large selection of all your favorite character balloons.

    Please visit any of our stores for assistance in choosing Valentine Balloons. 


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