Thanksgiving Party 2016 Decorations

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Here are a few tricks and tips from Party Glitters on how to make your 2016 Thankgiving party in Queens, Brooklyn or Long Island a truly unforgetable experience.

Baked Goods Party

Not every Thanksgiving party needs to have all of the fixings. If you just want to have a Thanksgiving party with “just baked goods” then go for it. Either you can provide the desserts or you can ask everyone else to participate and bring something. You and your guests will enjoy binge eating on delicious Thanksgiving desserts and not having to stop at one. We feature a great selection of chocolate molds and other baking supplies at our Brooklyn, Queens and Happauge locations.

Homemade Decorations

Some of the best parts of hosting Thanksgiving is decorating for the holiday. Consider making your own decorations to sport at this year’s Thanksgiving. You can make homemade name-tags, hang Thanksgiving color-themed streamers, and even make welcome signs for your guests. If you’re not great at homemaking decorations, you could still use various supplies you have around your home. There’s no need to worry about mix-matching because this will make your home look even more fabulous for Thanksgiving. These Thanksgiving Place Holders would be the perfect addition to your homemade decorations. Our stores feature an amazing selection of Thankgiving decorations to make your party a truly unforgetable experience.


Instead of lounging around all day, consider making Thanksgiving a day in which everyone does crafting together. You can have kids crafts and adult crafts ready to go. Think of how much fun and how many memories your guests will have if you have a craft-giving party. We feature one of the largest collection of crafting supplies in New York.

Whatever type of Thanksgiving party you choose to have, the options are endless. And always remember, Party Glitters are here to help you have an amazing Thankgiving party.

Happy Thankgiving!

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