Halloween Costumes 2016

Here are a few Halloween costume ideas inspired by the pop culture in 2016. It is always fun to dress up for Halloween as a group. Be a focus of any party and win every Halloween costume contest. So we came up with a few costume ideas that you can easily find in all our locations in Brooklyn, Jackson Heights and Hauppauge.

1. Pokemon Go Halloween Costumes

Have you, your friends or your kids play "Pokemon Go" throughout the Halloween. Dress up as your favorite Pokemon or your favorite trainer. All our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island carry Charmander, Pikachu, Eevee, Squirtle and many other costumes and accessories.

2. Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes

Dress up as Joker, Harley Quinn, Katana or any other member of Task Force X. We have a large variety of Suicide Squad Halloween costumes for all ages at our Debevoise, Roosevelt and Junction locations.

3. Captain America: Civil War Halloween Costumes

Come to the Halloween Party as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man or dress your child as Spiderman, Hulk or Black Widow. All our locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island carry all Marvel Universe and many other costumes and accessories.

4. Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes

Get your gang together and dress up as fearless four. All Ghostbusters character costumes and accessories are available in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island locations.

5. The Final Five Olympics Halloween Costumes.

Suit up as members of US national Rio Olympics gymnastics team. Grab red, white, and blue leotards and gold medals at our Debevoise, Roosevelt, Junction and Hauppauge locations.

Visit Party Glitters stores in New York, Brooklyn, Queens and Hauppauge, Long Island for the best selection of Halloween costumes.

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